Smoked meats

Smoking meat is one of the essential ways fto preserve meat. Smoked meats were, however, shifted to delicatessen required on many tables. Because of economical reasons, it includes products of high quality and, on the other hand, mediums with high injections. Currently, we produce a whole range of products from minimal content of brine to products with yield over 50%. 

During the development of our products used for injections we focus not only on high functional level, which should ensure the desired consistency, yield and very good slicing of final product, but a strong emphasis is put also on flavouring of the mixtures. Therefore, our mixtures provide very good flavour profile and subsequently increase marketability of even relatively economical products. We can focus on the flavouring according to the customer's requirements. Correct application of flavouring can result in the enhancement of desirable or suppression of undesirable parameters of used raw materials.