Development of food spices

"We are aware of the differences among particular markets, their final consumers and especially of our clients. Based on our knowledge of international markets we offer the support for solving business projects, development of new products and resolving technological problems."

An important benefit of the TRUMF International is the integration of research and development of spices with technological preparation of production and production itself. The company responds to the clients´ requirements mostly based on the legislative changes, new projects or specific demographic needs. Therefore, we assist in the selection of appropriate spice mixtures or we develop entirely new spices and spice mixtures, which fit the client´s demand. Our technological centre has its own sensory laboratory and tasting panel, development laboratory and development chamber.


We evaluate all the spices, spice mixtures and final meat products in our sensory laboratory. Our team of evaluators guarantees precise test results during a tasting session. The group of evaluators is well trained and the abilities of individuals are regularly checked. Sensory analyses take place in a special room with separate cubicles for each of the evaluators. The company has implemented many testing methods according to common sensory standards and the results are statistically processed to complete the client´s and development´s projects.


The development laboratory is designed to test the specifics of final meat products containing TRUMF spices and spice mixtures as well as newly developed spices and spice mixtures and also to test their usage in existing or completely new recipes. New recipes are created on the basis of clients´ demands. The laboratory verifies the product´s ability to bind water, the emulsification of fats process, colours, size of particles, etc.


In order to increase the quality of the clients´ service, TRUMF International built its own development chamber in 2005. Nearly all kinds of meat products, from fine salamis up to highly injected smoked meats, can be produced in this development chamber with TRUMF spices. The final meat products are then evaluated by our tasting panel as well as the client itself and the products are further customized according to the client´s requirements. This project was co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development and the Ministry of industry and trade in the Czech Republic.