Production of food spice mixtures

"The high quality of our spices and spice mixtures is achieved by advanced technical level of our production, degree of automatization, multistage system of controls and a professional attitude of qualified and well experienced employees."


Mixing of loose spice mixtures are done in special mixing devices. The particular raw materials are dosed into mixing devices according to the production recipe with an accuracy up to 0,1 g. The mixing devices then automatically mix the spices according to the entered production programme.


The electrically heated double-walled containers with an available volume from 150 up to 500 litres provide the mixing of liquid spice mixtures. Modern mixing technology uses a blender or turbo mixer to ensure efficient homogenization of liquid spice emulsions and marinades. The control of heat, speed and time is ensured by a self-regulated control system in the device. All records of the spice mixing process are saved at the level of the ERP company information system. Certain spice mixtures must be heated to a temperature between 30 and 80°C during production, followed by an effective cooling process to the desired temperature before packaging. The mixing technology is equipped with a flow indicator for water dosage, time and temperature sensors, safety components, filters and a UV lamp to improve the purity of the drinking water.


Finished spice mixtures can be packed in various packages in a volume range of 0.10 kg to 25 kg. Before packing, each finished spice mixture passes through magnets and high sensitivity metal detectors which identify even the smallest metal particles. We offer our customers a wide variability in package sizes of one spice batch. There are up to 120 various package variants. LDPE bags in various dimensions, PET foils and HDPE canisters with volumes from 1 litre to 25 litres are used for packaging. The packing material meets the criteria for direct contact with food. We place emphasis on an efficient package barrier which maintains the same quality of spices and spice mixtures for the entire period of their declared durability.