Company values

TRUMF international holding shared values:


  • We inform each other truly of all facts that are important not only to us but can be also important to our colleagues.
  • If our opinion differs from others, we shall express it. If we cannot pursue others, we shall respect a majority conclusion.
  • We listen to others actively and respect their opinions.
  • We require openness from others.
  • In case of problems we shall not look for an offender, but instead look for causes and solutions.
  • We are open to new ideas and proposals for improvement.
  • We are assertive and are able to say no, if a common matter is in danger.

Positive approach

  • We are helpful and empathetic.
  • We know how to praise and how to say thank you.
  • We delight in success, also in success of others.
  • If we reprove someone, than it shall be done correctly.
  • We know how to take criticism.


  • We all know exactly our duties, powers and workplace.
  • We strive to acquire best knowledge of our field and continue to expand this knowledge.
  • We share our knowledge with other people at TRUMF.
  • We keep agreements and our promises. Others can rely on us.
  • We solve the problems - we do not postpone them.
  • We are able to acknowledge an error and learn from it.


  • We stably maintain a high level of working performance.

  • We recognize permanent values and have a stable opinion.

  • We do not change procedures and rules often.

Team spirit

  • "We" means more than "I".

  • We help the weaker.

  • We respect each other.

  • We follow the rules.

  • We do not tolerate loafers.


  • We trust others.
  • We can turn to our superiors and colleagues without hesitation.
  • We work and act so that we did not disappoint our colleagues' trust.