25 years with you


The second decade of the 21st century can be dubbed the decade of professionalization. Each and every department of TRUMF International keeps on professionalizing and increasing their performance.

TRUMF International s.r.o. defines 3 advantages they hold over the areas which they focus on. These are:


The product management department offer a complete technical service to their customers; they professionalize their service in the field of sensory analysis, create their own aromas and offer a variety of seminars and trainings.


Our main focus is on the stability of the TRUMF spice mix quality. The purchasing department is therefore implementing a system of multi-tiered supplier audits, and we are also professionalizing our lab equipment. In the
recent past, TRUMF International has received a number of certificates - at this time they hold the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, IFS FOOD and HALAL certificates.


TRUMF International is also professionalizing their spice mix production through management via the company information channel, they are implementing a high level of automation, modern 2D and EAN code identification, multi-tiered control and a back-tracking system on product flow. They are also modernizing their system of stock economy.

Thanks to these and other changes, TRUMF International is successfully conquering new markets, for example the current ones in Finland and Croatia.