25 years with you

2000-2010: EXPAND,

The first decade of the new millennium in TRUMF International s.r.o. followed the previous trend of expansion. Between 2000 and 2002 the company set up new branches in Slovakia and Russia and at the same time established
strategic partnerships with foreign distributors in Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and the USA.

It was a time when the company put more and more emphasis on the premium quality of their spices and spice mixes. The result of this effort is their first ISO certificate, ISO 9001: quality management system.

As the quality of products increased, so did the depth of technological collaboration with TRUMF's customers. The company set up a product management department whose job is to provide the customers with complete technical
service, and which uses its own development center located on the TRUMF International premises in Dolní Újezd, where they prepare samples of meat products with TRUMF spices for their customers. The product managers also
organize specialized trainings for customers where they get to see the newest trends in the field.

TRUMF International s.r.o. deems the education of their employees to be very important. The result of their efforts is the now traditional meeting of foreign factory workers. The first meeting took place in 2001.

The marketing department is not far behind and nowadays they focus mainly on sponsors and free-time activities. The largest marketing event of the early 21st century is without a doubt the Meat industry football cup organized by TRUMF International for Czech meat cutting plant workers.